I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh. I am currently doing research with Dr. Malihe Alikhani. I have a Master's degree from Computational Biology Department in School of Computer Science and Mellon College of Science of Carnegie Mellon University. I did research with Prof. Tai-Sing Lee. My Bachelor's degree in Computer Science is from Bilkent University, Turkey.

My research and background is transdisciplinary. I am currently interested in investigating cognitively-aware multimodal dialogue systems, bio-inspired deep learning architectures, NeuroRoboNLP. I enjoy applying DL models to computational biology and computational linguistics problems.

I see my research as a gradient:


COSMic: A Coherence-Aware Generation Metric for Image Descriptions
Mert İnan, Piyush Sharma, Baber Khalid, Radu Soricut, Matthew Stone, Malihe Alikhani
Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics: EMNLP 2021 [paper]

Structurally-Informed Deconvolution of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data
Thomas A. W. Bolton, Younes Farouj, Mert Inan and Dimitri Van De Ville
ISBI 2019 [paper]

Revealing directional cross-regional functional interplays with sparse coupled hidden Markov models
Thomas A. W. Bolton, Mert Inan and Dimitri Van De Ville
OHBM 2019 [poster]


Multiscale Biological Modeling: An Online Course, Prologue
Noah Lee, Mert Inan and Phillip Compeau
Massive Online Course
[course link]

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